Happiness in taking foods

photo_top1Under key concept of 「making delicious cuisine more enjoyable, more healthful
with originality and device」, we are always trying to offer safe & good “foods”,
pleasant “hours”, and to make HAPINESS IN TAKING FOODS real.
In 1997, our business began as one single restaurant 「Okumura」 at Kiyamachi,
Kyoto, then has expanded to 「ORENO PAN」 bakery shops and delicatessen works
owing to the relationship and various chances.
When I was young, my wish was to have a small restaurant at country side. There a limited number of guests would be able to enjoy my cooking relaxedly.
That was my dream. Against my will, I was given a chance to open the restaurant at the heart of this beautiful ancient capital Kyoto. Gion, where I spent almost two decades, has grown my business today. I just feel the life is really beyond expectation.
How it is exciting!!
Being supported by many, many guests, we think we must try more and more harder to pursue 「presenting pleasant hours filled with happiness in taking foods」.
We advance keeping our purpose for 「While to value origin, we challenge boldly for presenting new value to the society」.
It is our sincere hope that “people” and “town” become cheerful and filled with energy by 「impression」・「happiness」・「smile」.
chief Naoki Okumura


*Born in Kyoto, the year of 1972, as the second generation of the FrenchーJapanese Kaiseki restaurant, 「Okumura」.
*Studied the French cuisine at the restaurants in France and Kyoto.
*Making a good use of his well trained sense of the taste since childhood,
studied Japanese cuisine in search of happiness in taking foods, thus reached his unique Okumura style, cooking seasonable ingredients ready-wittedly in front of guest.
*In Gion, elegant and classical area of Kyoto, opened 「Gion Okumura」 restaurant at Kiridoushi, then 「Takumi Okumura」 at Gionーminamigawa, in a row of Ochaya(tea house).
*Then Okumura’s first boulangerie 「ORENO PAN」 added, now expanded to three shops.
*As to the activities with AMAN group, world’s famous luxurious hotel resorts, took the initiative at the cuisine fair of 「AMANKORA」 in the Kingdom of Bhutan, and then started to produce the restaurants within the AMAN hotels of Phuket and Beijing under the name of 「NAOKI」. Following them, 「CANAL GARDEN」 in Venice, Itary produced.
Working for the new business of 「Gion OKUMURA Delika-shop」at the Kyoto Tkashimaya
department store and the wedding produce of「kyoto SHU:GEN」
Also various matters of restaurant , bakery, hotel and delicatessen are under way.
Handling a development of menu suitable for bringing about inbound tourists in response
To the administration’s request.
Right now, his activities are expanding beyond the borders and are sending the message for 「French cuisine, now and future」.