Company policy・Management philosophy


Company policy ーthe course and the maintenanceー


As the company of Kyoto origin, we create new valuable products and make people cheerful
to arouse energy.
We have Only One Foods Creation Company in view.

Management philosophy ーour promise with the staffー


We give our mother and fatherhood love to all the staffs and their families, and everyone
concerned with KOZEN, INC., and make them happy.

Management vision  ーthe objective of the companyー


While to value origin, we do daring reform and challenging, and will get a consideration by
presenting never before value to the society.


You can do it! Never say “I can’t”. Remember that when you deal with the matter.

Group mission ーour company and the society・the promise with the guestsー

We, KOZEN, promise to keep the key concept of 「making delicious cuisine more enjoyable, more healthful with originality and device」 through every shop, and are going to present safe & good “foods” pleasant “hours”, and make 「HAPPINESS IN TAKING FOODS」 real.



*Does your job is being able to present excitement and surprise to the guest?
*Does your job is being able to make the guest happy?
*Does your joy is being able to make yourself smiling, and to give more smiles to the guest?

Catch phrase

Let’s extend our culture of hospitality ‘OMOTENASI’ to the world as Kyoto origin company.

Okumura’s Menu to the happy dining!!