Company profile

Company profile

Company name KOZEN, INC.
Location 3rd floor, OKI building, 254-9 Gionmachi-kitagawa,Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto
Business Restaurant operation; planning, management― and consulting work of restaurant business
Executive chief executive officer Naoki Okumura
Start business May 27, 2005
Capital 13 million yen
Number of employees 78 persons(regular staffs & part-time workers)
Stores Gion OKUMURA
ORENO PAN Karasuma main store
ORENO PAN Kyoto station store
ORENO PAN Enmachi store
ORENO PAN Uranisi store(Okinawa)
ORENO PAN Kokuba store(Okinawa)
Head office 3rd floor, OKI building, 254-9, Gionmachi-kitagawa,Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto
TEL/FAX. 075-541-5020
Accounting office East-Go, 2nd floor, Kirido-si building, 364-5,Kiyomoto-cho, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto
TEL.075-541-9557 /FAX.075-541-9558
Company name ETRAVEART, INC.
Location [head office]East-Go, 2nd floor, Kirido-si building,364-5, Kiyomoto-cho, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto
Start business September 27, 2007
Business ・Planning, management and consulting work of home & aborad hotel chains, and also of restaurant business
Executive chief executive officer Naoki Okumura
Capital 10 million yen
Produce result Amanpuri、
Aman summer palace Beijing、
Aman New Delhi、
Aman canale garden Venice

匠 奥村 店内カウンター

Company history

1997 Opening of 「French cuisine OKUMURA」 at Kiyamachi, Kyoto
1998 Moved to Gion, 「Gion OKUMURA」 opened
2003 Produce boulangerie 「Naoki’s Bakery」
2005 KOZEN, Co.,Ltd. established
2006 Opening of 「Takumi OKUMURA」 at Hanami-kouji, Gion
2006-2007 the cuisine fair at 「AMANKORA」 in the Kingdom of Bhutan
2007 ETRAVEART, INC. established
2007 Start to produce the within hotel restaurant 「NAOKI」 at Aman hotels in Phuket, New Delhi, Beijin, Venice;the first restaurant from the outside for the AMAN RESORTS.
2008 Opening of 「ORENO PAN-Ichijyoji main store」 at Ichijyoji, Kyoto
2008 「The first Japanese chef elected to the 「FOOD FRANCE」 Fair held in Tokyo for a week
2009 Start internet marketing 「 SHOP」
2009 Opening of 「ORENO PAN-Kyoto station store」 at Kyoto station
2010 KOZEN, Co.,Ltd. reorganized into KOZEN, INC.
2010 Opening of 「ORENO PAN-Gion store」 at Gion, Kyoto
2012 Opening of 「ORENO PAN-Karasuma main store」at Karasuma, Kyoto
2012 Opening of “Dining-in section” at 「ORENO PAN-Gion store」
2013 Opening of 「OTONA SOUP」
2013 「Gion OKUMURA」 absorbed into KOZEN, INC.
2014 「Central kitchen」 established
2014 Opening of Gion OKUMURA delicatessen-counter at the Takashimaya department store, Kyoto
2015 Opening of 「ORENO PAN-Uranisi store」 at Okinawa
2016 Opening of「ORENO PAN-Kokuba store」 at Okinawa
2016 Start consulting service for 「SHUGEN」 wedding enterprise
For tradenark registration

祇園おくむら 商標登録

「Gion OKUMURA」is trade marked.
(Registered number:5838569)

オレノパン 商標登録

「ORENO PAN」 is trade marked.
(Registered number:5784525)

「naoki」 is trade marked.
(Registered number:6004881)

Registered organizations
*Kyoto Chamber of Commerce
*Kyoto Bussan-shuppin Association
*Kyoto City Food Hygiene Institute
*Sailors for The Sea Institute
*AISO(Asia Inbound Kanko-Sinko Kai) Institute
*ECO Mart Institute supporting member