Description of business

Introducing OKUMURA brands

At the south of Hanamikoji street, among a row of romantic and classical tea houses, a two-storied traditional town house with attractive white wall and lattice grid is waiting for your visit. This is Takumi OKUMURA, where you can enjoy Okumura’s ultimate cuisine in quiet and comfortable atmospher.

In the heart of Gion, French cuisine prepared by Kaiseki style taking in the grace of the four seasons is served as Gion OKUMURA’s KYO-KAISEKI FRENCH.
Please ejoy happiness in taking foods of free thinking alive with joy and excitement.

Seiyo-zendokoro OKUMURA
Kitasirakawa, the north of Kyoto, where you can feel tasteful flavors in each of four seasons with the background of Mt.Hiei, seasonable foods cooked with aesthetic sense are being served at our Seiyo-zendokoro OKUMURA.

ORENO PAN okumura
Various breads with originality and ingenuity cultivated from our restaurant experiences!
Infinity of combinations! Please appreciate ORENO PAN bread, the only no other!

フレンチ懐石 広尾おくむら
A little chic and refined French KAISEKI cuisine came from Gion,Kyoto,Now located in quiet residential area,Hiroo,Tokyo



{Planning for business・Planning for cuisine・Planning for store}
We are pleased to offer proposals with ideas making the most of OKUMURA’s know-how.

*Wedding cuisine, sweets・breads・side dishes・frozen foods
*Restaurant menu
*Store design・product package
*Table coordination(flowers or table wares matching the seasons)

*Cooking class lecture in charge(lecturer can be sent on loan to venues or restaurants
*Recipe proposal and supervision for cooking books or magazines
*Products development for convenience stores

*ORENO PAN franchise development

[Past earnings]
AMAN Resort(Phuket・Beijin・New Delhi)、Aman canal garden Venice, River retreat GARAKU(Toyama), SHUGEN, Naoki’s bakery boulangerie, lecture for curry, lecture for development in convenience store, recipe serialized on the magazine 「ELLEBEAU」

Catering business

Based on OKUMURA’s cuisine, we offer tablewares, table coordination, background music, Omotase(gift taken away by the guest) & etc.
In addition, we can arrange production of souvenir・seasonable 「Obento」 lunch, and original goods.
Please feel free to tell us.


Catering service

*The price does not include tax and service charge.

+OKUMURA's French KAISEKI A10,000 Yen8 guests~
+OKUMURA's French KAISEKI B15,000 Yen 8 guests~
+OKUMURA's French KAISEKI C20,000 Yen8 guests~
+OKUMURA's French KAISEKI D30,000 Yen8 guests~
+Buffet10,000 Yen30 guests~
+Free drink2,000 Yen
3,500 Yen
5,000 Yen
7,000 Yen
8 guests~

+Customer-specified drinksPlease contact us.
+Seasonable 「Obento」 lunch or supper
(for Minamiza theater going, present for
players at backstage, picnic)
5,000 ~ 10,000 Yen (Tax not included)
+Special cake one piece3,000 Yen (Tax not included)
+Over size spedcial cake one piece30,000 Yen (Tax not included)
+Bread buffet stylePlease contact us.
+Bringing tablewaresseparate outlay
+Personnel expenses10,000 for one person
+Vehicle cost & travel expensesseparate outlay
+Service charge10%
+Consumption tax separate outlay
*You can enjoy your original catering as we arrange menu upon hearing your requests.
*We will consider your request as to the price if the guests are many.

*In the cases of far destination or summer time, we will arrange rental refrigerator car and
make sure the safe of foods.
*We may not be able to make a trip for catering to some areas, but please try to call us once.
[past caterings]
Takashimaya Dept. Dining-in, Gotenba Resort, Tea-ceremony Party Dining at the Lake Kawaguchi Villa, Tea-ceremony Party Dining at the Yatsugadake Villa, the Tokyo Cherry-viewing Party , Kyoto O-yamazaki Villa, Exhibition Dinings by the Gofukuya(Kimono stores) at Kyoro・Osaka・Mie・Toyama, Opening of the tea arbor, Ceremonial functions, Cooking Fairs at the Hotels abroad, Apparel brand Reception Party, The Company Reception Halls, and more…