Introducing staffs

Introducing the staffs

We would like to introduce some of our staffs working at various sections.

Okumura スタッフ紹介

Hirofumi Kamitsuji [Gion OKUMURA]
+Birth place Kyoto city
+Previous job Gion OKUMURA is my first place of employment.
+Length of service serving in OKUMURA for 16 years
+Present position Store manager  Chef
+Interest festivals, enjoying different taste of coffees
What is worth the work?staff_q
As facing to the guests across the counter table, it is the pleasure to be able to have the conversations, and also can see the reaction about cooking actually.
staff_qWhat is your favorite point for the working place?
Splendid teamwork! Every one works thinking about each other.
staff_qWhat is your dream, objective or ambition?
Wish to be a good example of leader who can lead the staffs well.
staff_qWhat is your message to the guests?
Not only dining, but also you can enjoy selected fine tablewares. We look forward to seeing you.

Wataru Serizawa [Takumi OKUMURA]
おくむら_匠 奥村スタッフ
+Birth place Numazu city, Shizuoka prefecture
+Previous job sales of building materials(roof greening, exterior) maker
+Length of service 8 years
+Present position Store manager  Sue chef
+Interest reading books and watching movies
What is worth the work?staff_q
Eight years have passed since I moved in the dining world. It was hard to start again my career in the different type of business, but I am so pleased now with being one of the responsible staffs of OKUMURA. Though there are still so many things I should learn from now on, I head for the improving of myself and the breakthrough of the Takumi OKUMURA.
staff_qWhat is your favorite point for the working place?
Our guests of 「Takumi OKUMURA」 usually take times in the dining. 「It’s so comfortable here.
Hours are slipping away」. When I hear it from the guests, I feel happiness for working in Takumi.
staff_qWhat is your dream, objective or ambition?
Wish to have a farm restaurant.
staff_qWhat is your message to the guests?
Keep up my spirits to serve good dishes and services, like the guests might forget the time passes by. We look forward to seeing you.

Masatoshi Naba [Gion OKUMURA-French delicatessen]
おくむら_匠 祇園おくむら フレンチデリ京都高島屋店スタッフ
+Birth place Kyoto city
+Previous job cook for French
+Length of service 15 years
+Present position manager of 「Gion OKUMURA French delicatessen」 corner at the Takashiyama Department Kyoto store
+Interest gardening
What is worth the work?staff_q
The working at the delicatessen of the department store is a fresh experience, so everything is exciting now!
staff_qWhat is your favorite point for the working place?
The conversations with varid many customers coming everyday.
staff_qWhat is your dream, objective or ambition?
「Extending 「Gion OKUMURA」 delicatessen stores more and more, making a big leap.
staff_qWhat is your message to the customers?
Please enjoy the western side dishes different from the dishes being served at the restaurants.
I look forward to seeing you.

Naoki Takashima [Central kitchen]
おくむら スタッフ4
+Birth place Kakogawa city, Hyogo prefecture
+Previous job cram school teacher
+Length of service 5 years
+Present position development and cooking of the foods for the delicatessen at the Takashimaya Dept., Kyoto
+Interest collecting vessels
What is worth the work?staff_q
Making up the articles of foods by gathering various informations like seasonable ingredients and events, tendency of the daily sales.
staff_qWhat is your favorite point for the working place?
Can make widely varying menus for more than 30 kinds.
staff_qWhat is your dream, objective or ambition?
Would like to have the inquisitive mind at always and acquire the skill and the knowledge like Naoki Okumura chef.
staff_qWhat is your message to the customers?
I deliver fresh delicatessen sets every morning! Please add a dish to your dinning table.
Not only in the kitchen, but also I am in charge of the sales. Look forward to your visit!

Taisuke Noguchi [ORENO PAN-Karasuma store]
+Birth place Kyoto prefecture
+Previous job Italian restaurant, pastry shop
+Length of service 3 years
+Present position ORENO PAN store integration chief directer
+Interest reading books and watching movies
What is worth the work?staff_q
The ideal and the imagination take the shape.
staff_qWhat is your favorite point for the working place?
The creation can comes to the ideal so close.
staff_qWhat is your dream, objective or ambition?
Taking advantage of the present experiences, wish to challenge various things.
staff_qWhat is your message to the customers?
ORENO PAN prepare a variety of foodstuffs matching to the season. We are sure that you will be able to find something you like. Please come to the store.

Natsumi Yamamoto [ORENO PAN-Gion store]
+Birth place Osaka
+Previous job This is my first job.
+Length of service 5 years
+Present position manager of the ORENO PAN Gion store
+Interest going around for anything tasty, listening music,taking a walk, making a trip(love to walk unfamiliar place)
What is worth the work?staff_q
When I see the smile on the guests leaving the store, I feel happy.
staff_qWhat is your favorite point for the working place?
Many good customers and many good staffs.
staff_qWhat is your dream, objective or ambition?
Eating delicious foods and having smiles everyday.
staff_qWhat is your message to the customers?
We will persist enriching the menu and the service in order to let our customers feel happy for coming to the Gion store.

おくむら リクルートインフォメーション
Human Resources As The Greatest Fortune

I have been brought up by the people and the town of Gion, and have learnt so many things.
Among them, one thing I regard it most important is how we should think about the human
I think it is very strange to grudge an investment for the human resources by complaining
bad economy or poor financial results.
The human resources is the greatest fortune for the business.
Under any circumstances, we must keep the investment for the human resources, and make them
growing for future. Otherwise it will be difficult to get over tough situations, or you may miss a chance to attack.
For that, I think my important role is the improvement of the environment to grow up the staffs.
I ask a new staff to start a job by serving the customers at always. No business can stand by ignoring the customer. Some times you deal numbers of the customers at the same time.
Talking a guest in front of you and getting a phone ringing for the reservation-it is apt to happen when you have your own store.
Don’t stay within your own [role] fixed. Otherwise there is no growth for yourself.
At the same, you should not forget the feeling of gratitude for all the staffs working together.
Without the cooperation of the whole store team, we cannot make the good services to satisfy the guests.
There is a chance equally for everybody. It depends on how you should strive to get it.
Naturally you might have a lot of painful things passing through, but no one can gain the success without it.
This is my message for people coming relationed to work together.

Naoki Okumura

Employment informaton for part-time workers and regular employees.


Let’s join the staffs to create new 「OKUMURA」!

Getting over the wall of the inexperienced

This is Naoki Takashima, and I am in charge of the delicatessen at the Central kitchen now.
Just until this spring, I was working as one of the cooking staffs at Gion OKUMURA.
As the parents were working, I was cooking at home since the junior high school ages.
After graduated the college, I became the cram school teacher, but I was not sure if this was the right job for myself. Being in distress for what I really wished to do, I decided to jump into the restaurant business.
I have had a very good impression for the Gion OKUMURA when I visited once as a guest.
As I had no experience with the restaurant business entirely, the hurdle for the Gion OKUMURA seemed so high for me.
Well, I had nothing to loose. I made the application for OKUMURA’s offer of the situation, and to my great pleasures, I was employed!!
After one year working at the hall of restaurant, I was able to become one of the cooking staffs to fill in a vacant position arised.
Being surrounded with the expert of cooking staffs, I thought I should catch them up as quickly as possible. I bought the books and studied even at the home everyday. Nowadays I am admitted to plan the menu of fish dishes and soups, and sometimes am working with Naoki Okumura chef for the catering.
When planning the menu, I specially pay attention for the color usage and the arrangement of dish, so that the guests will enjoy the cuisine by the five senses. It is hard to get Okumura chef’s admission, but it is worth while to do.
My dream is to open a creative cuisine restaurant at my home town in future.

Central Kitchen cooking staff
Naoki Takashima


A word fron Naoki Okumura chef
If odd jobs asked, never shown offended faces. Takashima is that type of man. He had no
experiences for cooking business at the start, but is catching up our cooking technique
by his efforts. So since this June, I leave the Central kitchen(delicatessen) in order to
let him have overall cooking ability.
If he looks upon higher point, he may hit the high wall, but I trust he keeps striving.
Don’t forget the first resolution.


[restaurant section]
cooking staff・apprentice cooking staff・pateishie・serving staff・washing place
[bread section]
boulanger・apprentice boulanger・sales staffs


regular employee
arbeit(side job)


As they are different for each stores, working hours/payroll & etc., will be decided by
mutual agreement.


transportation expenses provided(upper limit existing), uniform lending, with meals,
social insurance equipping, annual pay raise, bonus paid twice a year, recreation provided
supporting acquisition of a qualification allowances for celebrations and condolences/family/perfect attendance/managerial positon available


Please contact by phone or mail first, and then send your resume as per stated hereunder.

[restaurant section]
*Gion OKUMURA TEL:075-533-2205
the person in charge:Koshiyama

*Takumi OKUMURA TEL:075-541-2205
the person in charge:Serizawa

[bread section]
*ORENO PAN Karasuma main store TEL:075-221-5522
the person in charge:Hashida

-We will contact you by return.-

the address for sending your resume
OKI Bldg. 3F. 254-9 Gionmachi-kitagawa, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto city
KOZEN, INC. -Recruitment clerk-